Protect Shield License of Essay
Protect Shield License of Essay 1.1

Scope of Application

This essay is only suitable for individuals over 18 years old who have full civil capacity and self-discipline awareness. This group does not include individuals whose psychological age has not reached 18 or whose moral and ethical standards are below average.

Behavioral Guidelines

This essay is not recommended or advocated as a guide for anyone to perform specific behaviors.

Scope of Limitation

The scope described in this essay is limited to this essay and should not be mapped to the real world in any way.

Fictional Nature

All content in this essay is purely fictional and has no connection with any real people or events.

The plot, behavior, methods, and objects mentioned in this essay are not recommended for replication in real life. All psychological activities, pleasures, and sensory experiences described in the essay are the creator's imagination and cannot be used as evidence for real practice.

Respect for Rights

This essay respects the rights of all groups, including but not limited to males, females, heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, transvestites, etc.

Copyright Protection

The creator of this essay holds the original copyright. No one is allowed to modify, correct, or replace the original essay content without permission.

Non-reference, Non-satire, Non-disclosure

This essay does not refer to any person or thing, does not satirize any social phenomenon, and does not disclose any undisclosed matters.

Usage Restrictions

This essay does not impose any mandatory requirements, such as compulsory listening, compulsory sharing, compulsory discussion, or compulsory consumption, including but not limited to cash rewards, gift giving, and other means. This essay has reading freedom. If you feel any discomfort, please stop listening immediately and delete the stored essay file after obtaining the consent of the holder (the entity storing this essay).